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Long gone are the days in which the experts-only Auto CAD user interface came anywhere near clients. The architecture industry has understood in the past few years that it is necessary to have tools that simplify knowledge for customers and prospects to understand space better.
Mostly, what companies need to convey is what it feels like creating your new life inside those walls. The actual colors, the way the sun comes in through a window and softly illuminates the kitchen table and such small details that can seriously change a prospect into a buyer.
3D floor plans can do that for you and your company. In most of them you can alter the point of view and show the distribution from above and then show it at the height of human eyes, which is the most impactful way. It is safe to say that 3D Floor plan is a game changer for every project.

3D Floor Plan Benefits

Visualize the actual result of the project in a vivid, colorful way

With a 3D floor plan, you can show prospects and clients the actual result from different points of view adding colors, furniture and other details. This gives them an idea of space and distribution but also the feel of what it is to be inside.

Showing customers the actual result in a language they can understand fires their imagination in a positive way. If you can arrange cool furniture in a living room and make it white, spacious and tidy, chances are customers will fall in love with it.

Don´t miss out on industry standards, or you´ll be left behind

Newer technologies applied to certain fields become industry standards and those who don´t go with the change, are usually left behind by it. Don´t be the odd-one out while all your competition is one step forward.

The internet is flooded with companies trying to sell houses and projects to potential buyers. If a potential buyer enters your website and sees you don´t have the 3D floor plans he or she saw in your competition, there are high chances that person will leave your site. Don´t be outdone by competition by staying up to date.

Renting can be done from a distance using 3D floor planning

Especially for clients who are looking to move into a different city and can´t make the initial travel and also for companies that do the rental services for their corporate personnel being relocated, 3D floor planning is a game changer.

Renting is very different from buying. Clients know it is not a 10-15 year investment and hence there is a chance to close a deal with them at the distance. For that they need to be completely sure they love the distribution and 3D floor plans are perfect for that.

Put the future in the hands of the client, allow them to feel inside their new home

3D floor planning can be crucial to let a customer or a prospect to picture his or her life inside new walls. If the furniture and decoration is correct, you even have the chance to engage the WOW factor and close the deal.

There are few things as powerful as imagination. If a client can imagine life inside the house you are trying to sell to him or her, the chances of closing a deal will sky-rocket. 3D flooring is the new industry standard and companies invest in it for a good reason: it works.


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