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Land surveying is conducted by a land surveyor or surveying engineer and is usually done to define the 3D position of various points, found on land, along with the angles and distances between them to create a land survey drafting. This process is crucial for us to live as a society with boundaries and lines that determine ownership, land survey helps in the creation of accurate maps, and serve other issues related to government laws. Land surveying has been practiced since ancient times and has played a very important role in the development of modern-day society and civilization.
Land surveying needs precision in order to clearly depict each and every component related to the land in question. CAD drafting has always been an important part of the Land Survey Procedure. CAD drafting of Land Survey involves designing 2D and 3D models of the area. Our team of professionals has years of experience in creating Land Survey CAD drafting for different types of projects as well as other requirements.

At Arcengine, we understand the importance of this job, therefore our main focus lies in developing and delivering high-quality cad drawings that are accurate and provide the client/firms with all the information they are looking for. We work with the latest drafting software and our team is trained in each one of them, that is why our drawings are of top-class quality.
CAD drafts created by Arcengine can help you design and update maps and also get a clear understanding of crucial factors like habitat preservation, water sensitive urban designing, and other aspects related to sustainable development. We at Arcengine, specialize in providing detailed CAD drawings and civil site engineering drawings for commercial as well as residential projects.

Land Survey Drafting at Arcengine

Alta Survey Land Survey Drafting Services

ALTA Surveys

Boundary Survey Land Survey Drafting Services

Boundary Survey

Route Survey Land Survey Drafting Services

Route Survey

pipeline/oil & gas Survey Land Survey Drafting Services

Pipeline/Oil and Gas

Mortgage Survey Land Survey Drafting Services

Right of Ways and Mortgage Survey

Tower Survey Land Survey Drafting Services

Tower Surveys and Tower AWS Architecture

Subdivision Survey Land Survey Drafting Services

Subdivision Mapping

How we do it at Arcengine?

Land survey drafting is a tedious process. It needs precision and attention to detail. The team of experts at Arcengine is abundantly trained to understand the nuances of the job and work with focus to produce cad drawings that are clear, precise, and 100% accurate. We follow a set of protocols that help us verify the quality of our work at every step and to also ensure that we are in sync with client requirements.

Collaborate with the Client

The very first step in the making of Land Survey Drawings it to collaborate with the client and understand their need.

Receive raw data

Any drafting procedure needs raw data and the same goes for Land Survey Drafting. We ask our clients to provide us images, blueprints, sitemaps, and the other data that they may have related to the land in question.

Create first draft

Once we have all the data, we proceed to create the first draft using the latest software. The first ca draft is then presented to the client for feedbacks. This is the time to implement changes requested by the client.

Work on feedback

We take feedback from the client and then work on them to produce the final land survey draft.

Internal quality check

Once the final draft is ready, our team of specialists/senior engineers thoroughly check the draft for common and uncommon issues.

Final Delivery

The final draft is then delivered to the client to use.

Land Surveying – Why Us?

  • We offer high-quality work at reasonable prices. We fix our prices at the beginning of the project and do not have any hidden costs.
  • At Arcengine, we create high-quality cad drawings that are accurate and clear.
  • Our team of experts is highly experienced and skilled at creating world-class land survey drafts.
  • We value our client’s time and therefore, we stick to the deadlines.
  • At Arcengine, we serve our clients professionally with quick turnaround times.
  • We believe in providing outputs that make our client happy, therefore, we are open to feedback and reworks.


Land Survey Drafting Services: ALTA, Boundary, Topographic | CAD
Land Survey Drafting Services: ALTA, Boundary, Topographic | CAD
Land Survey Drafting Services: ALTA, Boundary, Topographic | CAD
Land Survey Drafting Services: ALTA, Boundary, Topographic | CAD

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