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Land Surveying
June 14, 2019

5 Small But Important Things To Observe In Land Survey

The property law in the USA defines the nature of relationship between the person and the object. The object could be anything that is usable on a daily basis such…
Land Surveying
May 31, 2019

From Drone to Cad Drafting | Land Surveying

The growing population and scarcity of land have forced the world to look at land surveying with a different perspective. What has added to this outlook is the increasing number…
Architectural Drafting
April 16, 2019

Large-scale buildings design and CAD architecture

Every building, regardless of its size comes from a single idea and/or need. The first perspective then goes through a series of stages or testing that involve different tools and…
Revit & BIM
April 16, 2019

Demolition and Point Cloud Modeling: A match made in Heaven or a total hype?

BIM has been taken over many tasks in the world of architecture whether it is for building or remodeling or even refurbishing. The old blueprints that indicated where everything was…
3D Visualization
March 18, 2019

The ultimate client experience: Let them walk your property with a 3D walking tour

As 3D walkthrough tours are becoming more common, they are slowly building to become the next benchmark for which all projects are measured. This moment of transition in which we…
3D Visualization
February 17, 2019

Is 3D rendering the future of all architectural projects?

The fact that 3D technology is here to stay is not a scoop to anyone. The fact that it has reached architectural companies isn´t one either. The question that lingers…

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