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Utility tracing and tracking is crucial for effective site planning, particularly when invasive works, such as construction projects are planned. Historic paper maps and plans, usually done manually, lack the details or the accuracy needed to execute these projects. Utility tracking provides accurate and detailed information about the quantity and location of sub-surface hazards that may hamper a construction in the long run. We provide a range of high quality utility tracking and surveying services to both the public and private sectors. We make use of a combination of the most innovative and state of the art technologies coupled with years of subject matter expertise to offer our clients the very best in terms of quality, value and usability. Our technologically superior specialist surveyors are fully trained and experienced to undertake accurate and detailed utility tracings of any estate.

We believe and understand that every client is unique and it is our endeavour to understand your specific requirements. This approach enables us to tailor our cad drafting service and products accordingly to provide you with solutions ideally suited to your needs. In our brief yet highly successful history of providing survey solutions, our survey cad drafters have experience of working on every conceivable type of building and environment, including schools, offices, hospitals, universities, shops, etc. As a result, our survey drafting team is well trained and capable to always cater to your needs and the needs of property users.

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