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MEP modelling refers to Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing modelling. As clearly as that name suggests, these are separate 3d models developed to highlight the various mechanical resources within a structure, its electrical lining, and also the plumbing resources such as pipelines, etc. Arcengine hosts a highly efficient and knowledgeable MEP team that can ensure speedy delivery of all-round services.
We provide a large range of MEP services the details of which can be found below. Also keep reading to know how MEP services can help you provide a better building plan.

Why do you need MEP services?

MEP models firstly ensure that there are no errors during the construction phase due to misunderstanding of the more intricate parts of the building, such as exhaust pipes. Additionally, they also ensure that you better communicate your entire structural plan to your clients and contractors. A MEP model therefore can help you cut down on planning time and ensure a highly efficient and data accurate process.

Our Services

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2D to 3D Conversion

If you already have MEP plans drawn out in 2D format, our team can put to use the latest 3D modelling software can come up with a functional 3D model to go with your structural designs.

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Integrated Drawings

We can integrate within our models any specific MEP factor that you require. Our models are highly personalized and can therefore integrate any necessities into it.

Builder’s Drawing

Need a drawing to specifically communicate to your builder? Our highly experienced can help you achieve the needful and ensure hassle free communication.


No matter the type of plan you present u s with, we can always use our resources to extract from it the necessary MEP modelling requirements.

Detailed Section Models

If one of the particular sections of your constructions requires MEP models of its own we can readily develop them for you.

Clash Detection

We can analyze any existing model to ensure that no clashes between the various sectors of the MEP and within them as well does not take place. In case we detect any such we can make the necessary changes to your model.

Library Creation

The list of data keeps getting bigger and this is why our library creation services can help you achieve categorically sorted data that always helps bring our better results.

Why Us

  • Our MEP services are highly personalized and therefore can ensure that your project will receive its rightful MEP modelling requirements.
  • Our team consists of both conceptual and technology experts who work closely together to provide all round services.
  • Our aim is not only to provide you a functional model but to ensure that your process is optimized with the help of it. This is why we keep the clients’ needs in the centre while developing solutions.
  • Our usage of the latest technological resources such as the latest BIM software and 3D modelling tools ensures that no errors occur at any cost.
  • We also employ a robust and dedicated communications team to ensure that client requirements are understood completely before engaging into creating solutions.

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At Arcengine, we create MEP plans for efficient and data accurate processes.

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